10,585 days.

That’s how many days my feet have tread this planet.

It’s 15 days after my 29th birthday, which means, by my newest goal, I only have 50 weeks left to truly annihilate this year.  I’ve always had the proverbial fire under the proverbial butt, but there’s something concrete in turning 30 years old in just 50 weeks.

From the Roots Fitness was a year long idea (365 days too long).  I suffered from analysis paralysis before finally executing and launching the business.

I keep things real, so let’s be honest.  Although I work my “9-5” and spend my “5-9” working on FTR, I feel that I could always do more.  Like, WAY more.  That’s what this year is for me.  I am going ALL IN on FTR.  It’s as important to me as oxygen is to my lungs and well, overall respiratory system. 

My thought process is this – if I can’t go ALL IN for 1 year, then I don’t deserve to talk about the “free life” that I want; the life of working my ass off, but having complete autonomy over my time, my location, and my energy.

So, friends, if there are more bags under my eyes, and more empty coffee cups scattered amongst my apartment, that's a good sign.  : )

What are you willing to go ALL IN for in order to have the rest of your years be what you want?

-Nicole (CEO & Co-Founder)