Dealing With Negative Feedback When You Start Giving a F*ck About Your Health

In the words of Drake, let’s say you go “0 to 100” real quick with your health and fitness goals.

You’re excited.  You’re focused.  You want to tell the world.  You’re ready to roll out your own bedazzled red carpet as you walk into the gym.


You notice that when you share your enthusiasm, the words fall off your bottom lip as you realize they aren’t being received as you had hoped.  Cue the eye rolls, condescending questions, and the tornado of “well I heard…” or “you know that carbs….” phrases.  

You start tracking your food.  You’re making sure you’re hitting your daily required macronutrient intake to help reach your body composition goals.  You’re also ensuring you get the super important micronutrients in as well.  At family dinner the questions fire off like a round off of an assault rifle.  Accusations of food obsession spin around the table, calorie counting jokes ensue, and even the words “everything in moderation” are uttered.


You’re starting to learn the basics of nutrition.  You’re becoming mindful of what you fuel your body with.  You’re realizing the true power of nutrition.  You’re starting to feel great.  You’re starting to feel in control of your body and mind.

Then.  You start lifting weight.  You sprinkle in cardio when you want to - to burn some extra calories and increase your cardiovascular endurance and you know… strengthen your heart.  You’re getting stronger.  You’re sharing gym selfies on Facebook.  You’re pointing out changes you’ve seen happen to your overall fitness and body.  


Then the sound waves carrying questions such as “how much cardio are you doing? - how long are your workouts? - you should only be doing hiit cardio, how much of that do you do? -  have you tried a wrap? - your workouts are only effective if you feel like you want to throw up, have you thrown up?” circle your cranium.  

When you start any fitness journey, you have to endure the overwhelming “advice” and bottomless serving of conflicting information.  NO ONE is an expert on ANYTHING until fitness or nutrition gets brought up.  People have their opinions; when it comes to fitness and nutrition, they protect those opinions like it’s their first born child.


What the f*ck do you do?  

You maintain momentum.  You’re a f*cking fitness freight train and anyone on your tracks will need to move the f*ck out of your way or get flattened like a flapjack.

That's it.  There is no grandiose plan of action.  There is no need to explain yourself.  Instead, educate.  And then?  Maintain momentum.