What I Learned From Taking a Week Off

Recently, I took my first real vacation.  It was the first ever vacation I’ve taken with my wife in the almost 7 years that we have been together.  

Before we left, I remember these words rolling off my tongue so effortlessly: “I can’t wait for this vacation, I feel like it will be a complete restart and I’ll be so much more motivated when we get back”.  

Cue the pretend “bullshit” cough now.  That was an excuse.  An excuse to procrastinate (granted, I was getting married and tying up all the last minute details...but still… I could have found balance).

Here’s exactly what I learned from taking a week completely off from my business, my other side projects and my 9-5:  



I didn’t learn a thing.  No grandiose epiphanies were had.  No new ideas.  No life-changing revolutions.  

What did happen?  My brain shut off.  For the first time ever.  If you’re like me and measure as an INTJ on the Meyers Briggs Scale, you know that I am in my head ALL. OF. THE. TIME.  Rather than jolt me with a bunch of new ideas, this vacation finally let me clear my head and just enjoy the moment.

I realized that you cannot wait for a specific period of time to “rejuvenate you”.  We do not have time to “catch up”.  All we have is now and the ability to choose what actions we are going to take day to day in order to achieve the things that we aspire to complete.

Procrastination is a b*tch and it’s super easy.  Don’t wait for a new week; don’t wait for Monday; don’t wait for the New Year; don’t wait until all of the stars align; beat the resistance and take action now.  

Reflect and execute.

What have you been putting off that you absolutely could get done today in order to get you one step closer to your goal?