What you get from us:

Initial assessment

  • Complete health history questionnaire
  • Obtain baseline measurements
  • Discuss goals, obstacles, limitations, lifestyle/routine

Training PrograM

  • 12 week individualized program
  • Periodic measurement updates
  • Instructional exercise videos done by your trainer, Alex

Nutrition Guidance

  • Nutrition consultation
  • Nutrition education packet
  • Daily caloric need & macronutrient breakdown
  • Meal suggestions and recipe resources

Motivation & Accountability

  • Weekly check-ins with trainer
  • Updates and feedback about your experience & workouts
  • Access to trainer's personal email account
  • Questions, comments, concerns discussed with trainer

Why Choose Online Training?


  • Everything is done online so you can access information and communicate from home, work, travel, business trips, etc.
  • No in-person training sessions to rush to/cancel/re-schedule

better value than in person training

  • In-person training is expensive ($260 minimum/month - $1,200/month)
  • With online training, you can revisit videos, review your program ahead of time, and email your trainer with questions.

What we need from you:

  • Full commitment and 100% effort.  We are here with you every step of the way and we expect the same from you.
  • Send weekly logs to your trainer, Alex, by midnight every Saturday
  • 3 month MINIMUM for online training as that is the time you need to build a solid foundation and to learn the skills necessary to OWN your health.