Client Stories

My experience with From the Roots Fitness was exceptional! They were very professional and quick to answer any questions I had with either the workout plan or meal plan. The workout plans were challenging but without being too difficult to perform. They were able to judge my level of ability and modified a personal plan that fit my current level of physical strength and set a plan that would help me reach the goal I had set out to reach. I would personally recommend them to anyone!
"I met Alex and she was so nice!! I signed up & we started training together in February of 2016. [at least i think it was feb.] I was starting from square 1. I couldn't even do squats without falling over! Push ups were popcicles, not a thing that I could do. We started small and several months later, I am still perfecting my push ups and Alex is just as encouraging today as she was on day 1. When Alex demos a new scary looking exercise, I say "I love that you have so much faith in me" and she does! and I can do the formerly-scary exercise! Training with Alex keeps me consistent & gives me the motivation and courage to try new exercises that I would've never found on my own."

- Sarah

"I’ve been working with Alex for about six months now and I must say, “I am truly impressed by her commitment to helping me achieve my goals!”. I’ve worked with personal trainers before, with some success. However, many trainers are more focused on meeting their own goals than really trying to get to know their clients in order to better understand what their needs are and how to help them to live healthier lives.  

Honestly speaking, I don’t refer to Alex as my personal trainer but rather my “Fitness Coach”. Alex takes more of a holistic approach to helping me develop a more sustained fitness routine by designing workouts that not only shape my physical being but that also gives me greater confidence to keep striving to try a little harder the next day. Alex knows that baby steps eventually leads to bigger and better steps. But most importantly, Alex knows improvement and progress is an individual thing. Since she truly personalizes my program and works at my own pace, I've been able to achieve much progress.

I am so glad Alex is my “Fitness Coach/Personal Trainer” because overall I feel stronger, more energetic and am fitting into my clothes a lot better than six months ago. Thanks Alex!"

- Debbie

"Working with FTR was a no brainer.  My trainer, Alex, really helped me open my eyes to what I was doing wrong with my nutrition.  She gave me the information and tools I need to help retrain my brain on the correct way to refuel my body.  I certainly saw much needed results.  My fitness level has greatly improved as well as my muscles are stronger and firmer because I was fueling my body properly.  I would certainly use FTR again for any further nutritional information as well as guidance on how to achieve the body I want."

- Courtney

"My experience with From the Roots Fitness has been absolutely amazing!!

Having a workout program that was personalized just for me made so much of a difference in my confidence and my life. I no longer needed to wander around and try exercises or machines on my own because FTR taught me what to do and how to do it. When I did my workouts alone I knew exactly what I was doing and I felt great doing it. This gave me a huge confidence boost, not only in the gym, but also everyday life… FTR tailored my workouts to fit into the limited time I had available and I was able to get in a full body workout plus cardio. My schedule even drastically changed at one point and, although I was super nervous I’d have to stop the program, FTR somehow managed to alter everything so that I still got everything in during the week! It was remarkable. They showed me that no matter what goes on with my schedule, I can still find time for exercise.

My nutritional habits have also totally changed over the 12 weeks. I wasn’t expecting this to be such a struggle for me, but looking back I’d say my terrible eating habits were the hardest to kick. However, with Alex’s help I finally got where I wanted to be nutritionally speaking. I cut out foods that have no nutritional benefit and FTR taught me how to replace these foods with nutritious choices. With these changes, I started feeling super energized and could tell that I was finally giving my body the nutrition it deserves.

I am so happy that I chose FTR to guide me into a healthier lifestyle! My quality of life has gone up drastically since beginning the journey with FTR! They are so much more than personal trainers, they are motivators and educators. They have a genuine desire to help you to not only get fit, but to have an overall lifestyle change. They taught me more in 12 weeks than I have learned in years of working with strength and conditioning coaches, physical therapists and nutritionists. The package deal that they offer is one I will recommend to everyone!"


When I decided I wanted to get fit, I had no concept where I should even start. Going to Alex was the best decision I could have made. She helped me determine my current fitness level and developed a plan to get me started. But that wasn't all. She gave me the tools I needed to get on track and checked in with me to see how I was doing. She answered all the stupid beginner questions I had without judgement. Alex has been a godsend. I feel like I'm on a positive journey for the first time in my life and I owe it all to Alex. Any meathead can show you how to use machines and lift weights but it takes someone knowledgeable and caring to help you make a true a difference in your lifestyle.”


"Alex is a great trainer!   She is motivated, conscientious,  and very knowledgeable.   I’m so glad we met as she helped with some problems that occurred with my knee over a four month period.  During this time, I learned how to improve my stretching, strengthen my muscles, and stabilize some of the issues pertaining to a torn meniscus in my left knee.  Not only did we do exercises that were connected to my knee injury, we focused on several other areas that would help me going forward.  In addition to exercise, we also discussed nutrition and diet.  These discussions helped me identify some health goals that I’m aiming to achieve.  I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with Alex…she has helped tremendously."


"I have always been a very athletic individual who was involved with sports and working out. Once I grew older and was no longer playing sports I needed a new way to exercise and turned to the gym. I was not used to the gym environment and found all the equipment and people there very overwhelming. For many years I was dedicated to the gym and would spend a great deal of time there but was not seeing any results. I was intimidated most of the equipment and only felt comfortable on the treadmill or elliptical. In 2014 a friend of mine recommended Alex for personal training.  I was very nervous before our first scheduled meeting and was unsure if the personal training would be worth the time. The first day I met Alex she was extremely friendly, and made me feel like a top priority in her schedule. She asked questions about the types of exercises I liked best and gathered information that could be compared at the end. Within a few days she created an amazing workout plan for me that I loved and was best suited for me, to help cut and tone my body. Over the course of 12 weeks, we worked out together three days a week for a little over an hour. She was always open to all my questions concerning the workouts and was very thorough with her explanations. She was never tardy for our 8am meeting time, and was very caring during the entire process. There was even a time I overslept on a meeting day and did not show up.  Alex made sure she contacted me to make sure everything was okay with me rather than ignore the fact that I had no shown up.  Within the first month I could already see my body transforming, and that I was gaining definition in my legs and arms. By the end of the 12 weeks we became good friends and I could see better results in less time than I had ever gained on my own.  Alex showed me so many new exercises and gave me the confidence I needed to workout in the gym alone. I continue seeing new results each week using the knowledge Alex gave me during our time together. To this day she will still send me a friendly text/email, or information about a new workout she thinks I would love. I feel healthier than I ever have in my entire life and couldn't imagine my life without the gym and healthy eating. Meeting Alex was a true blessing, and anyone else who has the opportunity to work with her will not be disappointed!"