Fitness Minimalism

Chances are you have one of the following in your basement, closet, trunk of your car, or in your baby’s crib (I believe giving parenting advice is unwarranted and dumb, but, if you have exercise equipment in your baby’s crib...maybe you should just… not do that):

  • Ab wheel
  • Pull up bar
  • Perfect push up
  • Ab Circle
  • Wonder Cycle Exercisulator (see below picture)

A lot of people come to us who are stuck in a perpetual cycle of trying to devise the PERFECT workout plan combined with the perfect exercises, the perfect cardio, along with the perfect shoes, the perfect outfit, the perfect headphones to drown out grunting bro’s in the gym, etc.  The truth need very little equipment to whip yourself back into the cat like reflex 16 year old from the past.  

At its core, strength training is made up of 6 essential movements:

  1. The Pull (video)

  2. The Push (video)

  3. The Hinge (video)

  4. The Squat (video)

  5. The Lunge (video) 

  6. The Twist (video)

All of these movements can be done with just your bodyweight or with free weights, a kettlebell, or resistance bands.  That’s it.  Of course we can fancy these movements up and add other elements, but the point is to keep things simple.  Find exercises you enjoy and do them!  Fitness minimalism breaks the barriers that plague people from actually executing on their fitness goals.

We have created a 4-week training program which requires dumbbells only.  Sign up below for your free download and access to our e-mail community.