Alex Michaels

Coach // Exercise Science Specialist // Co-Owner

From young adults to the elderly, Alex has over 5 years of hands-on and online coaching experience working with a variety of fitness levels, injuries, limitations, and special populations. Alex’s focus is helping her clients to move efficiently, feel better, and get stronger through strength training, flexibility, and mobility. She actively seeks ways in which she can help her clients boost their confidence in the gym and everyday life. Most importantly, Alex educates her clients so they can make fitness a sustainable part of their life.


  • Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science (WCU of PA)

  • Minor in Nutrition (WCU of PA)

  • ACE Certified Health Coach

  • ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist

  • Body Positive Fitness Alliance (BPFA) Affiliated Professional

  • CPR/AED Certified

  • 5+ years in-person and online coaching experience


Nicole Michaels

Co-Owner // Business Operations

A self-proclaimed renaissance woman, Nicole has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, a Certification in Audio Engineering, currently works a “9-5” in the finance industry, and manages the business operations for From the Roots Fitness.  Nicole was an athlete growing up into her teenage years where she played softball, team handball, and basketball.  Her love for team sports and athleticism evolved into her love for strength training and overall health and fitness.  She created From the Roots Fitness as an inclusive platform to inspire confidence in others in order to realize their own strength and become autonomous over their health and personal goals.